Initial days of schooling are detrimental to how your kid grows up to be. It is the most crucial time for the overall development of your kid which is why it is crucial that you send your child to a school that offers nothing but the best services and helps you achieve that goal. Here, we have created a list of the best elementary schools in Mississauga for you to choose from. These schools provide the best education and at the same time focus on their all-around development. 

1. Elite Montessori School 

2. St. Valentine Elementary School 

3. Britannia Public School 

4. St. Hilary Elementary School 

5. Kenollie Public School 

The one school that stands out because of its quality education is Elite  Montessori School. At Elite Montessori School you get a system where children work at their own pace. Kids are taught to be independent for a very young age and are also motivated to learn new things. They are also made aware of the importance of concentration and perseverance. 

At Montessori private school, Mississauga, students are guided using various methods that keep them engaged and keen on learning new things. They are taught to ask questions and give their opinion. 

Use of sensory material and real-life examples: Students are taught the most complicated of things in the easiest ways possible. By using sensory material and taking examples from practical life, students are taught how to handle real-life situations. This makes the child confident. 

Individual attention: Individual attention is given to every student and it is made sure that they achieve their full potential. Individual activities are known to help children grow more confident as it stimulates and promotes growth.

Focus on culture: Culture not only enhances our quality of life but also improves our well-being. Teachers at Montessori use various cultural activities where children get to socialize and understand the shared pattern and behavior of the community. Cultural activities are designed keeping certain motives in mind. They are a good way of teaching children by keeping them engaged. This approach is one of the best ways to introduce your child to the outside world and your world to the child as by participating in such activities children not only learn about how the society functions but also how to be a part of that society. 

About the Lower Elementary Program 

The Lower Elementary Program at Elite Montessori private school, Mississauga lasts three years, that is, from grades 1 to 3 and ages 6 to 9. The Ontario  Curriculum is carried out while following the Montessori philosophy of learning through practice and a hands-on approach instead of rote learning. Mathematics, English, French, History, Geography, Science, Music, Computers,  and Physical Education are the areas of study. Special study material is specifically designed to keeps the students engrossed and engaged. Students are taught abstract concepts in a tangible way. This is done so that they easily remember details that they would have found difficult remembering otherwise. 

Language: Focus is given on both oral and written language. Parts of Speech and  Sentence Analysis are both covered. Students undertake spelling tests and participate in book reports, write and recite poems, etc.  

Mathematics: this is a technical subject and covers areas like the four mathematical operations, fractions, decimals, geometry, measurement, and word problems. It also includes geometry study which in turn will include angles, lines, and their measurement. 

French: Again, the focus is on both oral and written skills. Only basics are taught at this level. Written language is introduced by the use of workbooks where children are taught the alphabet, parts of speech, and common expressions. 

History: the passage of time, the clock, present/past/future, days of the week,  months of the year, timeline, historical events, and historically important people are all taught in a way students develop a strong foundation in the basic understanding of history so that they don’t face problems in the future.

Geography: It covers land and water forms, puzzle maps of various countries,  provinces, capital cities, flags of all nations, parts of the mountain, layers of the earth, solar system, etc. Basics of Human Geography are also taught. 

Science: This subject is taught in theory and in practice both as experiments help the child to understand the laws of the universe. The curriculum covers the following topics: rotation of the earth, night and day and the seasons, friction,  gravity, water cycle, mineral and energy sources, plant and animal needs and life cycles, identify and classify types of soil and rocks, and measurement. 

Music: Students are not only taught how to sing but also how to read musical notes will be introduced to reading and singing musical notes. Along with that,  they will be introduced to musical instruments like the recorder, tone bars, and keyboard. 

Computers: Word processing skills, different CD Programs, and parts of the computers are taught in the computer class. 

Physical Education: Skating and swimming lessons are given. Students are taught sportsmanship, cooperation, learning the rules of various games, specific sport skills, and teamwork. Health and nutrition are also covered under this. 


So if you are looking for an elementary school in Mississauga then look no further as you’ve already found the best one.

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