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 Call us before the baby comes home from the hospital and the Stork And Birthday Lawn Sign Rental stork delivery team will rush to deliver the Birth Announcement Stork in time for a fun and unique “Welcome Home” surprise present Mom and new baby. Rent a Stork Lawn Sign with a personalized keepsake bundle.

We call you to confirm your order and discuss delivery and any special instructions concerning the placement of the Stork Stopped Here Stork Delivery Sign on your lawn!

Tell us the baby’s name (first & middle), birth weight, length, and date of birth. We personalize the keepsake bundle with the baby’s statistics. (And, yes, parents get to keep the personalized bundle after the rental period is over.)

On the reverse side of the bundle, we print a message. For example: ‘Congratulations’ and ‘your name’ (So parents know).

Stork Lawn Sign is great for photos for family Great photo opportunity.

Stork And Birthday Lawn Sign Rental in Mississauga is a fun, thoughtful, and beautiful gift that makes a memorable nursery element: Baby’s Name, Weight & Length, and Date of Birth.

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