Real Estate Sign: How to Create Signs That Sell

Real estate signs say more about you and your business than they do about the properties they advertise.

Whether you deal in residential or commercial real estate, your signs are ambassadors for your business – speaking for your brand when you’re not there to do it in person.

So, it’s vital that you take charge of the message your signage communicates.

Don’t leave it to chance.

Real estate sign design elements you should consider

  • The first decision you’ll want to make as you plan your signage strategy is what kind of sign you are going to use.
  • You have options! The most quintessential real estate sign is the traditional “colonial post” style but that’s just the beginning.

Choose Fonts That Are Easy to Read

Font choice is one of the most important elements of creating an effective and easy-to-read sign.

Make smart color choices

  • The color choices you make for your signage have the power to make or break the design.
  • Poor color choices can make a sign down-right illegible. But, smart color choices can make a sign a joy to read and stand out from the crowd.

Is it time to update your real estate sign installation service? You don’t have to go it alone. We are here to help you!

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