What to know before purchasing your first collector car

Buying and using a collector vehicle is an expensive affair, especially since new parts are rather difficult to find. Then again, value of a collector car will increase steadily but persistently. However, observing caution when buying a vintage vehicle is suggested, especially when you are in the market of classic cars for the first time. For the first-timers it is very easy to be misled and if it happens, that will be a costly mistake to make.

Are you looking to buy a collector car in South Africa?

Purchasing collector cars for sale in South Africa, makes you the owner of a celebrated piece, that will be a thing of pride for you and your family. By investing in a vintage car you make a right decision because its worth will increase over time, and the car will recover its cost by itself.

The classic cars often increase in value, opposed to the new cars, that lose a sizable amount of value the moment they are out of the showroom. Remember the following points before purchasing your first collector car, so that you end up making the right choice.

Understand that a “Classic Car” and an “Old Car” are different

Collector cars’ require constant care, hence a lot of time is needed in its maintenance. In other words, to keep them in prime condition you’ll need to give more time and attention to your purchased piece. Moreover, purchasing a car with the purpose of restoring it, requires lot of money. Thus, it is a good idea if you choose a car that requires minimal work to be done on its restoration.

Some classic cars are just old cars, that you’ll need to spend a ton of money on. So, try to find a unique piece which is a rare model, to ensure that its value doesn’t decrease as soon as it leaves the shop.

Select the best piece you possibly can

When you are looking at collector cars for sale in South Africa, as a first time buyer, it is very easy to be attracted by a specific model and make. However, you will be better off if you determine which style you prefer and expand your choices. Also, you should take into account that vintage pieces require a high degree of maintenance. Means, you may require extra money on its repair.

Since you are a beginner, it will be good that you avoid a car which is very rare, because finding low-cost parts shouldn’t be a challenge. That being said, it will be safer to choose one of the classics from the 80s.

Know your options for insurance

You should know that you need much more money to get a collector car insured, than for a new one. Moreover different brands and models have different premiums. You’ll want to choose an insurance company that centers around old cars, and select a full insurance package that can cover theft and damage.

The good news is that insurance premiums of classic car are much lower than you may expect them to be. A vintage car is generally not used on a daily basis, hence, insurance companies keep the premiums low for such pieces.

Determine your mechanical expertise level

How good you are in mechanical aspect is a very important thing when looking at collector cars for sale in South Africa. In case of a mechanical fault you may have to travel some distance for a mechanic, and he may charge a fortune from you. So, you should be capable of doing basic repair yourself.

If you can fix your vintage piece yourself you can save money, however, you’ll requite extra effort to find replacement parts. Luckily, getting on the internet is the easiest way to find replacement parts that are hard to find.

Be wary about rust

On the off chance that you detect any rust on the car you want to buy, delay your decision. If you ask an expert he will suggest to not go near a car with substantial rust, because you’ll need to work a lot on the bodywork; and there’s a risk the car will lose its original character.

Rust on the car’s exterior indicate serious problems. In other words a rusty surface entails lot of work on the car’s chassis. Moreover, it indicates a long period of neglect and poor care.


Keep all of the above points in mind when you go out to buy a collector car for the first time. These points will go a long way to ensure you make the right decision that matches your desires and needs. Moreover, you’ll end up with choosing a car that creates a sense of pride to own it.

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