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Human resource information system is very important for any organization whichever the size. From the case, we can see that Tom Bell as a human resource manager is faced with a lot of issues due to lack of human resource information system.  Tom has to travel to all the ten stores to take care of the employee's needs and also to crosscheck how the work is moving. Traveling from one store to another is costly since the Human resource manager has to buy fuel to that he uses to travel to sort out the issues affecting employees, hiring and recruiting. Gladwell Grocery store suffers in terms of time and cost operation thus, the profit of the GGS is affected. So generally because the organization does not have the human resource information system, the store suffers from time wastage and also spending a lot to meet the employee's demand. For the mentioned reason, Mr. Bell is seeking for assistance to come up with an approach that will make his work easier as a human resource manager and make the work cost-effectively.

Business Assessment

            Human Resource management is one of the most comprehensive functions in an organization that needs a lot of tactfulness when handling. The department pays a crucial role in the success of the company. Gladwell Grocery stores consist four hundred to four hundred and forty employees in their retail locations that are based in the Upstate New York having around one hundred and eighty employees as full-time employees. The remaining employees are partly employed. Mathematically, we can estimate that each store has approximately twenty-two employees who are partly employed. With this number of the employees, Gladwell Grocery can get categorized as a medium-sized business that is having many complexities in terms of dealing with the employee's matters.
            In addition, Gladwell Grocery Store has greater number of part-time workers makes it defenseless to higher turnover rates, therefore, requiring a program of continuous enlistment and labor pooling with a specific end goal to guarantee smooth operations regardless of its turnover rate. Consequently, its labor is regularly untalented, including accessible retail experts, and must be prepared in-house. In the interim, in light of the fact that Gladwell Grocery Store is not too huge to bear the cost of a very much prepared (HR) division and not very little to manage the cost of a physically worked HR framework, execution evaluation is as subjective as its motivating forces, acknowledgment, and prizes (IRR) program. Customarily, there is no institutionalized IRR framework or evaluation poll.
            Additionally, the basic need retail industry is inalienably tested in obtaining prepared HR, essentially because of the restricted ability base as a result of more prominent working interests in bigger supermarkets, for example, Wal-Mart, than in little stores like Gladwell Grocery Store. Optionally, formal instruction in the retail administration is additionally uncommon. Indeed, even formal professional preparing is regularly inaccessible.

Identifiable Issues

There exist at least five major Human Resource functions that must be made effective to benefit the Gladwell Grocery Stores. These functions include, Human Resource organization; labor staffing; preparing and improvement; remuneration and benefits; and execution examination. Nonetheless, the essential function that GGS needs in order to focus ought to be in the HR management functions, which entail keeping and efficiently recovering worker profiles, participation reports, lateness reports, and other expository reports that can bolster Human Resources arranging especially labor staffing.
The choice of the Human Resource managerial function as the focus of my proposal to Mr. Bell depends on the inalienable bulkiness of this undertaking. Authoritative administration theory, along with Henri Fayol ideas, proposes an emphasis on organizational hierarchical proficiency, which is the focal worry of Mr. Bell. From this view, proficiency can be accomplished through organizing, coordinating, planning, commanding and controlling.
One of the major support that HR-software, regularly alluded to as the Human Resources Information System, can give is salary and administrations. This system can ease a number of functions such as employee’s documentation, which it can easy for the data to be accessed and controlled in real time. For example, rather than physically imputing worker time logs, the framework can automatically record these logs from an electronic terminal and produce reports per representative, including compensation counterparts.
Moreover, most Human resource information system has standard utilities and capacities, for example, staff organization, finance, pay an advantage, leaves, nonappearance, lateness, execution assessment, enrollment, individual self-administration, and preparing advancement.


Approaches to electronic innovation enhance hugely the effective administration of HR through the HRIS innovation. In this way, there are three reasons why GGS will profit by receiving an HRIS. To begin with, an HRIS will address the unwieldy and exceedingly tedious HR capacity of workforce organization, also different capacities that are significant and possibly inclined to wasteful aspects of human asset administration.
Another reason is that a Human Resource Information System is able to do proficiently assembling worker information from electronic terminals, which sets aside a few minutes keeping profoundly productive, powerful, and tried and true. Contract end dates can be effortlessly observed, as well. Third, an HRIS can create with higher speed significant reports that can bolster information based basic leadership and arranging.
With an HRIS bolster, Mr. Chime does not need to go to every outlet for contracting exercises as the framework can process determination gauges in light of current representative profiles and execution records. Additionally, pay and advantages organization is likewise handled speedier.

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